WTF Wednesday: An X Rated “Happy Rooster”

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Wow. Words certainly had a different meaning not that long ago, eh?

The Gay Cock Vintage Fruit Crate Label

The "Gay Cock" Vintage Fruit Crate Label

I tried to find some history on this piece – it is a wooden fruit crate label for a Los Angeles citrus fruit company… and that’s all I know. I could find nothing on “Stanley Levinson Co.”, nor could I find out what kind of fruit carried the “Gay Cock” brand.

But interestingly, I found ‘authentic’ copies of this label all over the internet. The one I purchased does indeed seem authentic, but now that I see just how common they are, I kind of have my doubts. Crate labels were used on wood fruit crates until the late 1950’s, when pre-printed cardboard boxes took their place. I find it a little hard to believe that SO many of these labels made it to 2012… and yet I can find nothing at all about the company that created such a well known brand?

So, I’m left to wonder, was there ever really a Gay Cock brand? I hope so, if only for the wonderful sheer irony of the changed modern day meaning of gay cocks. 😀 *insert immature giggle here*


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