WTF Wednesday: Happy Racist Birthday!

I guess if you’ve been collecting old greeting cards or publications, this kind of thing might not surprise you. But this birthday card came in one of my earliest collector purchases, and I about fell out of my chair when I saw it:

Racist Vintage Birthday Card

Racist Vintage Birthday Card - Black Stereotype with Watermelons

“Sho’ hope you has a dream of a birthday”

Um, really? Do you really need to wish someone a happy birthday with a picture of a black child eating watermelon?! How was this even cute or funny back then???

All of the other cards in the scrapbook this came in were dated between 1943-1946, which puts this card about 10 years before Rosa Parks inspired the Montgomery Bus Boycott. I suppose this card could also be considered a collectible Black Americana item. Some people may not be offended by it, and rather find that it commemorates an important part of our U.S. history.  But in today’s context, I find it creepy. Probably my most deserving WTF Wednesday post so far!


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