WTF Wednesday: Asbestos in your Oven! Yay!

If you’ve ever read through old magazines, sometimes your jaw will just drop with sheer shock as to what was considered a great idea back then – like the cigarette ads promoting health! This old scary vintage ad for an asbestos made product takes that shock to a whole new level:

Vintage Asbestos Ad from 1903

Vintage Asbestos Ad from 1903

I know that asbestos wasn’t banned from home use until 1989 – and this ad is from 1903. What is sad to note is that some doctors knew asbestos was a threat to human life as early as 1898.

Regardless, can you imagine putting pure asbestos liners in your kitchen oven?!! I shudder to even think about it!

We’ve come a long way, baby. (Cue ironic facial expression as you realize this was the tag line in the 1970’s for Virginia Slims cigarettes.) 🙂


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