Vintage Yellow Pink and Red Roses 1928 Nature Magazine Cover

I have a ton (almost literally!) of 1920’s-1930’s issues of Nature Magazine. I’ve posted some images from these vintage issues before, but never one of their beautiful magazine covers. Since May has just begun, I thought it was appropriate to show off the gorgeous roses on the cover of the May 1928 issue. This print would be pretty simply decoupaged onto a board with slightly distressed sides – how quick and easy that would be! 🙂

Painted Roses Nature Magazine Cover from May 1928

Painted Roses Nature Magazine Cover from May 1928

P.S. I always try to ensure that the images I post are in the public domain – and I can say with confidence that Nature Magazine did not renew their copyrights on the old issues I own. That being said, since they are still in business today, they might not like overt commercial use of their old artwork. I’m no lawyer, so I cannot advise as to what they could/would do about it, but I wanted you to know. 🙂


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