Vintage Waterloo Organs Trade Card Victorian Era Ad

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Oh, it’s been such a long week and it’s only barely half over! I swear to God that the entire last week was shorter than this week has been up till Thursday morning! 🙂

I’m actually off today after posting this to do some heavy hitting yard work and I hope to finally get my garden planted this weekend. I should have pulled up a pretty vintage garden image, but this is the one I had on hand – and it really is a pretty piece! This is a Victorian era trade card advertising Waterloo Organs made by Malcolm Love & Co. Knowing this came from my late 1800’s scrapbook and that the book Little Women came out in 1880, I do wonder if this lovely parlor scene with four little women is inspired by the book. We all know that the book is a complete classic, but did you know that Lousia May Alcott was so popular that she could be considered the J.K. Rowling of the late 1800’s?!

Vintage Waterloo Organs Trade Card Advertisement - Click for instant art printable

Vintage Waterloo Organs "Best in the World" Trade Card Advertisement - Click for instant art printable


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