Vintage President’s Day Washington’s Birthday Postcard by Ellen Clapsaddle

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Next week is Presidents Day – or, also known as The-Holiday-Formerly-Known-As-Washington’s-Birthday. Since I live in Illinois, when we were little, we used to get two holidays in February for both Lincoln and Washington. Alas, they are all rolled into one now.

This vintage Happy Washington’s Birthday would probably be one of the more valuable postcards in my collection. Not only is it somewhat rare, but it is also illustrated by Ellen Clapsaddle, one of the most sought after postcard illustrators of the early 1900’s. (And who’s personal story of success and ultimate death is simultaneously inspiring and tragic).

Sadly, my actual postcard has a big, fat black postmark on both the front and back of the card. It took me a good hour to ‘airbrush’ it out of the image below in Photoshop. And that kind of mark on the artwork tends to bring the actual value down to very little. 🙁 So I’ll just keep this patriotic vintage postcard in my own collection, if only so that I can say I own “a Clapsaddle”. 🙂

Vintage Ellen Clapsaddle Washington's Birthday Postcard

Vintage Ellen Clapsaddle Washington's Birthday Postcard - Click for printable card


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