Vintage Market Finds: Fur Coats, Antique Lanterns, & Paper Ephemera

Every week I scour local garage sales, estate sales and auctions for items that I love. I’m always on the lookout for stuff for my Etsy and Ebay shops, like vintage fabrics, patterns, jewelry and fashion accessories. But as I do my research, I find thousands of drool-worthy items that I wish I could get my hands on. I only have so much money every week I can spend on inventory and my own collection… missing out on so many amazing items is probably the fuel behind my urge to constantly hunt for more stuff. It’s the “one that got away” that gets to me – like the huge collection of antique Halloween decorations I saw last year.

Anyway, since I have to hunt through inventory photos on a regular basis to stock my shops, I figured I would start a new series of posts of the amazing things I find that I will not be able to buy that week. If I can’t have them, at least I will get some small satisfaction out of sharing them on my blog!

(Forgive  the horrible photos – estate liquidators aren’t known for their mad photography skillz).

Antique Lanterns

This small collection of antique railroad and maritime lanterns just kills me. I have a THING for old nautical stuff, and if I were shopping just for me this week, I’d probably snatch a few of these up. Similar old lanterns are selling on Ebay for $50 – $300 or so.

Vintage Fur Coats

As a former vegetarian, it pains me to admit how much I love fur coats. I never would buy a new fur, but vintage furs weaken the knees. This collection spans the 40’s through the 70’s. I found another one on Ebay that I love so much I just might try to make a similar one out of faux fur – it sold for over $300, I suspect it was worth much more. Check it:

Vintage Chevron Fur Coat

Vintage Space Robot Toy

This unbelievable antique toy probably comes from the 50’s, and isn’t it a beauty? Perfect condition – and it still has the box. It is an early wired battery operated remote control space man, and the head lamp and flashlight actually light up.

Vintage Paper Ephemera

I am the saddest to pass up this collection of old paper ephemera – tickets, a telegram, and some other items. Since I’m spending every spare moment working on creating new vintage printables for the Etsy shop, these items are perfect for scanning and using in scrapbook layouts, web elements, collage, and wall art. I would have been the first in line at this estate sale if it weren’t two hours away in another state. *Sigh*


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