Vintage Knitting Pattern for a Baby Wrap Sweater

I wish I was a more disciplined knitter. Really I do. I love the meditative experience of knitting – the same motions, over and over, while creating something beautiful. It is so relaxing. But I have so little patience for it. My greatest knitting achievement is half of a scarf. :/

Over the years, though, my love of knitting has blossomed into a rather large collection of vintage knitting pattern books. And today I had an ah-ha moment – why not try to do some OCR scanning to see if I can convert these vintage patterns into blog posts?

Viola! IT WORKED!!!

You have no idea what that means for this blog – I have, like, ten years worth of blog posts just in vintage knitting, crochet, and tatting patterns to share with you!


Vintage Baby Wrap Sweater Pattern for 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years

Vintage Baby Wrap Sweater Pattern for 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years

Style No. 5369 found in Bernat’s Handicrafter Vol XVI No. 2 from 1947
Sizes 6 months, 1 and 2 years

MATERIALS: BERNAT Baby Wool or BERNATIZED Super Baby Wool or BERNAT Laurelspun or BERNATIZED Argyle Yarn for Socks- and Sweaters.

For all sizes, 3 balls

Knitting Needles: One pair straight No. 2 (Standard) ; one double point (D.P.) No. 2 (Standard)

ACCESSORIES: 2 small buttons, 1 snap fastener

GAUGE: 8 sts. = 1 inch; 12 rows = 7 inch

PATTERN STITCH: MOSS st. (K 1 and P 1 across the row. On return row, K above the P st. and P above the K st.)

Note: Underline or circle the numbers applying to the size desired. The first number in each group is for size 6 months, the second for size 1 and the third for size 2.

LEFT FRONT: On No. 2 needles cast on 64 (72-80) sts.
Rows 7 and 3: Rib in K 1 and P 1 for 56 (64-72) sts. K 8.
Rows 2 and 4: P 8, rib in K 1 and P 1 for 56 (64-72) sts.
Row 5: Rib in K 1 and P 1 for 56 (64-72) sts., slip next 4 sts. onto D.P. needle and drop to back of work. K 4, then K 4 from D.P. needle.
Rows 6-8 and 10: Same as Row 2.
Rows 7 and 9: Same as Row 1.

Repeat these 10 rows for pattern st. Work even for 1 in. Still keeping 8 border sts. in cable-pattern, work remaining sts. in moss st. At the same time, dec. 1 st. next to the cable border, every other row, until the piece measures 6″ (6 1/2″-7″) . Still decreasing at border edge every other row, at the seam edge only, cast on 9 (10-11) sts. every other row 4 times — 36 (40-44) sts. for sleeve. Continuing to dec. 1 st. at border edge every other row work even at seam edge until the sleeve measures 3 1/4″ (3 1/2″-4″). Leave pattern sts. on a holder and continue in cable st. on 8 border sts. for 2″ (2 1/4″-2 1/2″). Bind off. Work right front to correspond. Now work in pattern st. across left front, cast on 37 (39-39) sts. Work in pattern st. across right front. Work even in moss st. for 3 1/4″ (3 1/2″-4″) ins. Bind off 9 (10-11) sts. at the beg. of the next 8 rows 36 (40-44) sts. for each sleeve. Work even in moss st. on remaining sts. until back measures the same length as front to top of ribbing. Rib in K 1 and P 1 for 1 in. Bind off in ribbing.

CUFFS: With the right side of work facing you, pick up 40 (44-48) sts. Rib in K 1 and P 1 for 1 in. Bind off in ribbing.

FINISHING: Join seams. Join ends of cable border and sew to back of neck. Make 2 loop-buttonholes on edge of border of left front. Sew snap fastener to underlap on right front. Block to size.



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