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So, it’s been far too long since I posted something new – but I have a really good reason. First of all, I was working on finishing an absolutely gorgeous new work table for my office/studio, and I can’t wait to show it to you! My husband built it, and I stained and polyurethaned it, making it look like it was made from reclaimed wood. That’s another post for when I can finally get my office clean enough to show you pictures without being totally embarrassed!

Just as I finished up my table and started putting my studio back together, I started coming down with the flu. As in one minute I was fine, the next minute I was feeling a little under the weather, and the next minute I was in bed for four days straight. Funny – I even got a flu shot this year. Why do I always seem to get the sickest when I get the flu shot? I’m swearing off of them from here on out.

Anyway, in celebration of being able to be vertical again, today I’m posting a new image that I think you’ll love. I found this tiny vintage European travel ad in the classified section of a 1928 issue of Nature Magazine. It said, “200 all expense tours $195 and up. Booklet free. Mediterranean and Scandinavian cruises, $390. Allen Tours, Inc., 154 Boylston Street, Boston”. Allen Tours was a small travel bureau that is long gone, but I sure would like a $195 European tour, wouldn’t you?

Printable Vintage Travel Ad Cruise to Europe

Printable Vintage Travel Ad Cruise to Europe - Click for larger printable file

Since the classified ad was so small, but so incredibly charming, I decided to lose the ad text and clean up the ad with real fonts and a scrolled vintage border. I’m thinking this would make a great decoupaged wall art sign, or it could be stenciled on some weathered wood… I’ve also included a reverse image in case you want to use it for an iron on or some other way in which you need the letters reversed:

Vintage European Cruise Travel Ad - Reverse Image for Printing

Vintage European Cruise Travel Ad - Reverse Image for Printing


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