Vintage Early 1900’s Happy New Year Postcard

Well, Christmas is over and I’m taking it a little easy this week between now and New Year’s. This is always my slowest time of year and I just love the laziness. I usually get all motivated and work like crazy in January, so this is always a good rest period for me to gear up for my New Year’s resolutions.

But I couldn’t close out 2011 without giving you another wonderful vintage image to print. This comes from my personal collection of postcards from the early 1900’s, and it’s really one of my favorite images out of that entire scrapbook!

Vintage Victorian Happy New Year Postcard

Vintage Victorian Happy New Year Postcard - Click for larger printable version

Click the image above for the free printable version of this card. If you need the full downloadable high-resolution (5″ x 7″ @ 314 dpi) version of this antique postcard, you can buy it for a very reasonable $1.50 in my Etsy shop!


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