Vintage Clip Art of a Victorian Lace Hand Fan

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Since my vintage valentines series is almost over, I’ve got to get back in the swing of things and get more images that aren’t filled with flowers and hearts! So today I’m bringing out another image from a gorgeous vintage French magazine I bought a few weeks ago. The magazine is from 1939, but this particular lacy hand fan is from around 1900. There was a whole feature on vintage fans – éventails in French – in this magazine, and the images are stunning. Be sure to check out this vintage ostrich fan image from the same source!

Vintage Lace Fan Clip Art

Vintage Lace Fan Clip Art - Click for printable image

By the way, this fan is part of a high res collection of 10 French vintage images of fans in my Etsy shop. Check out the preview! 🙂

Vintage Digital French Ephemera
Vintage High Res Digital French Ephemera – For Sale in the Vintage Fangirl Etsy Shop


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