Vintage Christmas Postcard Photo Frame Border

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Vintage Christmas Pictures

Welcome to Day 6 of 25 Days of Vintage Christmas Pictures! (And *another* high-res freebie!)

This lovely vintage Christmas postcard comes from an incredible antique scrapbook I purchased at an estate sale several months ago. The book was filled with postcards from 1905 through 1918 or so, most of which were mailed with a message to the recipient, a Ms. Margaret Fortman. The cards offer such a sweet and tangible taste of what life was like back then!

Vintage Christmas Postcard Photo Frame

Vintage Christmas Postcard Photo Frame - Click for full page printable version

I’ve altered this particular Christmas postcard so that you can place your own photograph or image in the round empty frame in the center. You can print it out as is and cut it out, or if you need a digital version, here is the high-resolution vintage card transparent PNG file to download.

BTW, I have another vintage Victorian postcard photo frame in my Etsy shop. Check out a preview:Vintage Christmas Postcard Photo Frame


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