Vintage Christmas Paper Craft for Kids

Vintage Christmas Pictures

Welcome to Day 17 of 25 Days of Vintage Christmas Pictures!

I’m on a kids vintage paper craft kick – yesterday I posted Betsy McCall Christmas paper dolls. Today is another kids activity from a 1912 issue of McCall’s – a paper model of Santa Claus’s Christmas Chimney!

Vintage Christmas Paper Craft for Kids

Vintage Christmas Paper Craft for Kids - Click for full size printable image

Here are the paper toy assembly directions (they are also printed on the page):

Carefully cut around the outside lines of the chimney picture, then with a sharp knife (exacto) cut as far as the dotted line around each of the three stockings. Bend back evenly on the dotted lines – except those marked with an X, which should be bent forward. Secure the parts by pasting or using double sided tape where indicated. The accompanying sketch shows how the fireplace should look when completed.


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