Vintage Burpee Seed Catalog Ad from 1928

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Today in Chicago we are getting another unseasonably warm day in the 50’s – which just makes me itch for spring to get here. I always set such high garden goals for myself every year – and by June I will be lucky to have mowed the lawn before a neighbor complains. 🙂 I found this Burpee Seeds ad in an old 1928 issue of Nature Magazine . Isn’t it pretty?

Vintage 1928 Burpee Seeds Advertisement

Vintage 1928 Burpee Seeds Advertisement - Click for printable image

I’ve been trying to find some old seed catalogs for good garden themed vintage graphics, but they are surprisingly difficult to find! The real old catalogs have incredibly poorly printed pages, because they were not made to last longer than a season. And the “newer” catalogs from the 30’s and 40’s have better printing, but much less desirable graphics. But you can rest assured I’ll keep hunting until I find a good one!


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