Lovely Peasant Girl Feeding Her Rabbits – Printable Vintage Art

A really lovely image of a young peasant girl feeding carrots to a nest of bunnies – so sweet!

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Pretty Victorian Era Woman with Spring Flowers Scrapbook Die Cut

Here’s a pretty die cut from my 1800’s scrapbook of a Victorian era woman with flowers and framed in a hand fan with a ribbon.

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WTF Wednesday: I’m a-Huntin’ MEN

Vintage 1908 Leap Year Postcard "The End of the Chase"

Here’s a funny leap year postcard of a family (literally) hunting down a groom for their daughter.

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Beautiful Vintage Image of a Girl Feeding a Bird

Here’s a gorgeous colorful late 1800’s trade card of a young woman feeding a bird.

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Vintage Picture of an Elegant Victorian Woman

Here’s a beautiful free picture of a lovely Victorian woman with a leaf background.

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Vintage Hand Tinted Early 1900’s Cherub Photo Valentine Postcard

Vintage Hand-Tinted Valentine Photo Postcard

An Edwardian era hand-tinted photo of a Valentine’s Day cherub with a woman in a Grecian strapless dress.

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A Romantic Victorian Christmas Clip Art Image of People with Mistletoe

A large Victorian era Christmas image of two ladies and a gentleman holding mistletoe over their heads.

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