vintage birds

Cute Printable of a Retro Easter Chick and a Basket of Eggs

Here’s a cute picture of a 1940’s Easter chick holding a basket of eggs.

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Colorful Vintage Easter Postcard with Farm Chickens

Here’s a beautiful early 1900’s vintage postcard with two chickens on a farm surrounded by a large horseshoe frame.

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Antique Painting of Two Spring Birds in a Nest with Flowers

A beautiful late 1800’s painting of vintage birds building a nest surrounded by flower blossoms.

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WTF Wednesday: An X Rated “Happy Rooster”

Here’s a hilarious vintage crate label for the “Gay Cock” brand of fruit. You read that right.

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Faded Vintage Blue Jay Bird Art with a Transparent Background

Here’s a gorgeous vintage blue jay illustration with the background already removed in a transparent PNG file.

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Pretty Victorian Era Vintage Birds on an Apple Tree Blossom Branch

Vintage Victorian Birds Die Cut Clip Art - Click for larger printable artwork

Spring birds and apple blossoms from a vintage late 1800’s scrapbook.

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Early 1900’s Swan Lake and Lilacs “Best Wishes” Postcard

Vintage Flowers and Swans "Best Wishes" Postcard from the Early 1900's - Click for printable art

A beautiful and colorful vintage postcard featuring lilacs and swans swimming on a lake.

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Vintage Early Spring Victorian Trade Card Art

Victorian Early Spring Art with Snow, Flowers and Birds - Click for printable picture

Here’s a pretty spring scene of a house with melting snow, flowers and birds from a Victorian era trade card.

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Beautiful Free High Res 1800’s Birds Nest Art

A gorgeous 1800s birds nest illustration from an antique book plate, with a free high resolution version to download.

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Beautiful Vintage Image of a Girl Feeding a Bird

Here’s a gorgeous colorful late 1800’s trade card of a young woman feeding a bird.

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