vintage advertising

Beautiful 1900’s Vintage Women’s Corset Ad Artwork

Here’s a lovely illustrated 1906 advertisement for W. B. Nuform Corsets.

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Cool Vintage Summer Camp Sign/Ad to Print

Vintage Summer Camp Advertising Sign

Here’s a wonderful vintage ad / camp sign for Adventure Island Wisconsin boy’s camp from the late 1920’s.

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Lovely Vintage Merrick Thread Ad from the Late 1800’s

A beautiful Merrick Thread ad featuring a young girl holding two adorable rabbits.

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WTF Wednesday: Babies and Guns in Bed, Oh My!

Scary Vintage Gun Ad for Iver Johnson Revolvers

An early 1900’s vintage gun ad featuring a child playing with a gun. I kid you not.

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Spring 1913 Men’s Hat Fashion Advertisement

A wonderful hat ad from the 1913 men’s fashion publication “Browning’s Magazine – A Periodical of Fashions and Fancies”.

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Vintage Victorian Era Rainy Day Rubber Boots Ad

Here’s a precious image of a Victorian era boy in the rain wearing Storm King Rubber Boots

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WTF Wednesday: Advertising Before Focus Groups

A funny vintage personal hygiene product from 1931 that would *never* make it onto the shelves in 2012.

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Exquisite Victorian Trade Card from the 1884 New Orleans World Fair

Antique 1884 World's Fair Trade Card for Ricksecker Perfumes

A beautiful and ornate advertising trade card for Ricksecker’s Perfumes from the 1884 World’s Fair in New Orleans.

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Beautiful Painting of a Woman from a Vintage 1919 Shampoo Advertisement

A painting of a woman with gorgeous long hair from a vintage ad for Watkins shampoo

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Antique French Fashion Plate from 1901

A 1901 French fashion plate that served as an advertisement for the Les Grandes Modes de Paris fashion house.

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