vintage advertising

Late 1800’s Trade Card with a Woman in a Yellow Dress

Here’s a beautiful woman in a rather risque-for-the-era yellow dress on a Victorian trade card advertising shoes.

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Vintage “Back to School” Victorian Trade Card Ad

A late 1800’s trade card featuring school children advertising a New York emporium store.

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Lovely Illustration of a Revolutionary War Couple Saying Goodbye

A pretty illustration of a man and a woman from the Revolutionary War era.

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Vintage Roller Skates Magazine Ad Art

A fun vintage ad for roller skates from the Chicago Skate Co.

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Vintage Sailor Boy Victorian Trade Card Artwork

Vintage Sailor Boy Sterling Stoves Victorian Trade Card - Click for larger picture to print

Here’s a scrumptious late 1800’s advertising trade card featuring a young sailor boy on the beach.

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Vintage Coca-Cola Ad from the Summer of 1917

A lovely vintage Coca-Cola magazine ad featuring two women with their borzoi dog and playing tennis.

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Cute Kittens Playing in a Basket Vintage Clip Art

Cute Vintage Kittens Clip Art - Click for printable picture

A trade card with a cute basket of kittens from my Victorian era scrapbook.

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Vintage Goleta Lemons Fruit Crate Label

Printable Vintage California Lemons Crate Label - Click for larger print image

A beautiful California Lemons produce crate label with a nautical ship on the ocean scene in the background.

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Vintage Waterloo Organs Trade Card Victorian Era Ad

A lovely late 1800’s Waterloo Organs trade card with four women playing music and singing in a parlor.

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Turn of the Century Cuba Steamship Cruise Ad

A wonderfully ornate 1899 vintage travel ad for cruises to Cuba from Munson Line Steamships.

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