Vintage Munich 1972 Olympics Postage Stamps from Equatorial Guinea

A set of three colorful stamps from the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany.

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Vintage Summer Olympics Postage Stamp Art

Here is a set of 4 vintage Olympics foreign postage stamps from 3 different 1960s Summer Games.

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Vintage Roller Skates Magazine Ad Art

A fun vintage ad for roller skates from the Chicago Skate Co.

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Vintage Fishing Lures and Hooks Clip Art from the Late 1800’s

Vintage Fishing Lures and Hooks Clip Art - Click for larger image

Here’s a cool set of vintage fishing clip art featuring lures and hooks from a late 1800’s mail order catalog.

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Vintage Printable Baseball Valentine for Boys

A vintage baseball themed valentine to print – perfect for boys!

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