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Beautiful Vintage Olympics Commemorative Stamp Art

Olympics Men's Gymnastics Commemorative Stamp from the 1976 Montreal Games - Click for larger print image

Four more beautiful vintage Olympics international postage stamps to print.

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Vintage Munich 1972 Olympics Postage Stamps from Equatorial Guinea

A set of three colorful stamps from the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany.

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Vintage Summer Olympics Postage Stamp Art

Here is a set of 4 vintage Olympics foreign postage stamps from 3 different 1960s Summer Games.

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Vintage 4th of July Patriotic Postage Stamp Art to Print

Vintage 4th of July 1959 Postage Stamp - Click for printable image

A printable version of a July 4, 1959 cancelled vintage 4 cent postage stamp.

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Vintage French Edgar Degas Postage Stamp from 1970

A printable vintage French postage stamp depicting one of Edgar Degas’ ballerina paintings.

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Butterfly Postage Stamp Jewelry – Reader Feature

Vintage Fangirl reader LG Whittaker has taken a vintage postage stamp image and turned it into gorgeous jewelry in his Etsy shop.

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Vintage Butterfly Postage Stamp Art from the Mid 1970’s

Vintage Postage Stamp Art - 1977 Butterfly Issue Dogface

Four 1977 Butterfly Issue vintage postage stamps to print or download.

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Printable Vintage Christmas Postage Stamps

Pictures of Christmas Stamps

Three vintage Christmas postage stamps to print from the 1960s!

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