nautical antiques

Vintage Ferry Boat Industrial Engineering Drawing

Vintage Ferry Boat Engineering Drawing from the Late 1800's - Click for printable picture

A beautifully detailed engineering drawing of a double-screw ferry boat built around 1885.

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Cool Vintage Summer Camp Sign/Ad to Print

Vintage Summer Camp Advertising Sign

Here’s a wonderful vintage ad / camp sign for Adventure Island Wisconsin boy’s camp from the late 1920’s.

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Another Victorian Era Easter Eggshell Boat Illustration

Another Victorian Era Easter Egg Boat Illustration - Click for printable art

A beautiful illustration of two children in an Easter eggshell boat from the late 1800’s.

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Vintage Water Bird Picture by George Miksch Sutton

A lovely, summery vintage ink drawing of a waterfowl bird, the Bittern.

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Vintage Europe Travel Ad Print

Printable Vintage Travel Ad Cruise to Europe

A vintage European cruise travel ad to print, with a Titanic-esque ship illustration.

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Vintage Market Finds: Fur Coats, Antique Lanterns, & Paper Ephemera

Antique Lanters

Here are a few of the amazing antique items I have found for sale this week.

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