Late 1800’s

Sweet Victorian Trade Card Featuring Children Blowing Bubbles

Victorian Children Blowing Bubbles Art - Click for larger drawing to print

A sweet colorful vintage illustration of two Victorian children blowing bubbles.

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Vintage Fishing Lures and Hooks Clip Art from the Late 1800’s

Vintage Fishing Lures and Hooks Clip Art - Click for larger image

Here’s a cool set of vintage fishing clip art featuring lures and hooks from a late 1800’s mail order catalog.

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Vintage Sailor Boy Victorian Trade Card Artwork

Vintage Sailor Boy Sterling Stoves Victorian Trade Card - Click for larger picture to print

Here’s a scrumptious late 1800’s advertising trade card featuring a young sailor boy on the beach.

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Vintage French Edgar Degas Postage Stamp from 1970

A printable vintage French postage stamp depicting one of Edgar Degas’ ballerina paintings.

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Vintage Waterloo Organs Trade Card Victorian Era Ad

A lovely late 1800’s Waterloo Organs trade card with four women playing music and singing in a parlor.

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Turn of the Century Cuba Steamship Cruise Ad

A wonderfully ornate 1899 vintage travel ad for cruises to Cuba from Munson Line Steamships.

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Vintage Children with a Beautiful Landseer Dog

Here’s a late 1800’s scrapbook piece of two girls with their beloved pet dog.

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Vintage Ferry Boat Industrial Engineering Drawing

Vintage Ferry Boat Engineering Drawing from the Late 1800's - Click for printable picture

A beautifully detailed engineering drawing of a double-screw ferry boat built around 1885.

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Two Antique Engravings of Hatching Easter Chicks

Here’s two different late 1800’s illustrations of chicks hatching out of their eggs.

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Adorable Victorian Art – Boy with Easter Bunnies

A lovely late 1800’s Victorian trade card with an image of a young boy playing with his three pet bunnies.

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