Vintage Kitschy Animals Free Embroidery Pattern

Vintage Puppy and Kitten Free Embroidery Pattern - Click to print larger art

Here’s a sweet vintage embroidery pattern free to print and download.

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Retro Easter Hatching Duck Clip Art

A super-cute retro baby duck in an Easter egg.

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Cute Printable of a Retro Easter Chick and a Basket of Eggs

Here’s a cute picture of a 1940’s Easter chick holding a basket of eggs.

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Retro Easter Bunnies on a Cute Kitschy Card

Here’s an adorable retro Easter bunny couple on a kitschy 1940’s greeting card.

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Vintage Queen of Hearts Children’s Valentine Printable Card

A sweet and simple Queen of Hearts valentine for kids (or grown ups who love cute vintage kitsch!!).

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Vintage Traditional German Boy Printable Valentine

Vintage German Mountain Boy Valentine

Here’s a cute 1945 vintage valentine of a boy in traditional German costume in the Alps.

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Cute and Kitschy Vintage ‘Waffle’ Valentine to Print

A very kitschy vintage Valentine’s Day card printable from 1945.

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Printable Retro 1950’s Snowman Picture

Retro Snowman and Snowwoman Image from the 1950s

A cute printable image of a kitschy 1950s snowman couple Christmas card.

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Printable Kitschy Vintage Christmas Card from the 1940s

Printable Retro Merry Christmas Card

A printable vintage Merry Christmas card from the 1940s.

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