Free Vintage Embroidery Pattern of Pretty Water Lilies and Dragonflies

Here’s a vintage embroidery design of water lilies that I had to hand-redraw and they turned out beautifully!

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Disgusting Halloween Insects Clip Art

Two gross Halloween clip art images of cockroaches and a tarantula. YUCK.

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Antique Dragonfly Art to Print

Vintage Black and White Dragonfly Illustration - Click for larger printable clip art

Here is a pretty shabby chic illustration of a vintage dragonfly from a 1912 encyclopedia.

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Stunning Butterfly Illustration from a 1930’s Magazine Cover

Here’s an absolutely gorgeous illustration of flowers and butterflies by Tommi Parzinger.

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Vintage Flowers and Butterfly Engraved Illustration

A beautiful vintage wood cut engraving of flowers and a butterfly.

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Vintage Butterfly Postage Stamp Art from the Mid 1970’s

Vintage Postage Stamp Art - 1977 Butterfly Issue Dogface

Four 1977 Butterfly Issue vintage postage stamps to print or download.

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