ink drawings

Love Birds Doodle from an Early 1900’s Magazine

Lovely Doodle of Love Birds from an Early 1900's Magazine

A cute vintage doodle of two love birds sitting on a branch.

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Antique Horse Bridle and Tack Clip Art

Antique Horse Equestrian Bridle and Tack - Click for larger clip art image

A pretty black and white image of an antique horse with a decorative bridle and headpiece.

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Cute Vintage Black Cat Clip Art

Here’s a sweet illustration of a black kitten from a 1920’s vintage children’s magazine.

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Early 1900s Vintage Vogue Magazine Fashion Sketches

Two beautiful art sketches from a 1917 issue of Vogue fashion magazine.

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Vintage Ferry Boat Industrial Engineering Drawing

Vintage Ferry Boat Engineering Drawing from the Late 1800's - Click for printable picture

A beautifully detailed engineering drawing of a double-screw ferry boat built around 1885.

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Beautiful Vintage Bird Drawing from an Antique Children’s Book

Here’s a gorgeous old fashioned ink drawing of a bird perched on a finger.

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Vintage Water Bird Picture by George Miksch Sutton

A lovely, summery vintage ink drawing of a waterfowl bird, the Bittern.

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Vintage Europe Travel Ad Print

Printable Vintage Travel Ad Cruise to Europe

A vintage European cruise travel ad to print, with a Titanic-esque ship illustration.

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1920’s Christmas Tree & Family Scene Printable

1920's Vintage Christmas Family Scene

A black and white drawing of a 1920’s family at Christmastime.

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1875 Victorian Christmas Lettering

A vintage Victorian-era illustration with Christmas wording, perfect for making banners or homemade cards.

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