Two Antique Engravings of Hatching Easter Chicks

Here’s two different late 1800’s illustrations of chicks hatching out of their eggs.

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Lovely Old Fashioned Easter Bunny Picture

Here’s a lovely late 1800’s engraving of a hopping Easter rabbit.

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Spring Dandelion and Crescent Moon Clip Art from the late 1800’s

Vintage Spring Dandelion and Crescent Moon Art - Click for printable image

A lovely late 1800’s engraving of dandelion seeds floating in the wind in front of a crescent moon.

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Vintage Spring Flower Illustration from an Early 1900’s Garden Catalog

Vintage Burpee Seed Catalog Fringed Phlox Flower - Click for larger printable clip art

An engraving of ‘New Fringed Phlox’ flowers from an early 1900’s Burpee Seed and Garden catalog.

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Vintage Flowers and Butterfly Engraved Illustration

A beautiful vintage wood cut engraving of flowers and a butterfly.

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