Four Beautiful Free Vintage Seashell Illustrations

Here is a set of four wonderful beachy – nautical inspired vintage sea shell drawings.

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Vintage Sailor Boy Victorian Trade Card Artwork

Vintage Sailor Boy Sterling Stoves Victorian Trade Card - Click for larger picture to print

Here’s a scrumptious late 1800’s advertising trade card featuring a young sailor boy on the beach.

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Vintage Summer Beach Starfish Art

A simple and elegant vintage illustration of an ocean starfish.

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Retro Summer on the Beach Magazine Illustration

A lovely magazine illustration of three girls in red, white and blue dresses playing on a beach.

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Vintage Beach Art “Paper Nautilus” Octopus Drawing

Vintage Beach Art Nautilus Drawing - Click for larger printable artwork

Here’s a beautiful drawing of the Paper Nautilus Octopus from a 1912 encyclopedia.

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Beautiful Good Luck Horseshoes & Flowers Vintage Postcard

Antique Good Luck Horseshoe Postcard - Click for printable artwork

Here’s a flowery Good Luck postcard with a horseshoe from the early 1900’s

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Vintage Water Bird Picture by George Miksch Sutton

A lovely, summery vintage ink drawing of a waterfowl bird, the Bittern.

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