Gorgeous Vintage Peacock Woodcut Art from the Late 1800’s

Beautiful black and white antique illustration of a peacock in a formal garden.

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Vintage Kitschy Animals Free Embroidery Pattern

Vintage Puppy and Kitten Free Embroidery Pattern - Click to print larger art

Here’s a sweet vintage embroidery pattern free to print and download.

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Antique Dragonfly Art to Print

Vintage Black and White Dragonfly Illustration - Click for larger printable clip art

Here is a pretty shabby chic illustration of a vintage dragonfly from a 1912 encyclopedia.

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Vintage Circus Traveling Bus Photograph

Vintage Circus Sideshow Traveling Bus Photograph - Click for larger printable image

A great black and white photograph from the old Hoxie Brothers Circus.

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Vintage Beach Art “Paper Nautilus” Octopus Drawing

Vintage Beach Art Nautilus Drawing - Click for larger printable artwork

Here’s a beautiful drawing of the Paper Nautilus Octopus from a 1912 encyclopedia.

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Lovely Old Fashioned Easter Bunny Picture

Here’s a lovely late 1800’s engraving of a hopping Easter rabbit.

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Cute Vintage Animal Valentine Printable

A sweet 1940’s little lamb valentine card to print or download.

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