Sweet Vintage Embroidery Pattern of Queen Anne’s Lace

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Vintage Embroidery Pattern of Queen Anne's Lace

Last year I bought a ton of old out-of-print craft books, many of which can be rather hard to find. I’ve been picking through them trying to find a few projects to share with you here – I would just hate to see these adorable projects get forgotten about! This retro Queen Anne’s Lace embroidery project comes from a 1983 book “Cremblewick“, written by Margaret Wingard and Wendyth Thomas. There are quite a few other cute projects in this book if you can find it on Amazon or Ebay – including cattails, a pineapple, some daisies, a basket of strawberries, a bunch of grapes, and two ducks.

I’m not patient enough to embroider things myself, but here’s a handy stitch guide that covers all the stitches needed to create this piece. There are only three – French Knot, Straight Stitch & Satin Stitch. Technically they also say you could use the Colonial Knot, which would replace the French Knot if you prefer.

Here’s the printable embroidery pattern:

Vintage Queen Anne's Lace Embroidery Pattern

Vintage Queen Anne's Lace Embroidery Pattern - Click to go to the print page


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