Weird Vintage Photos

WTF Wednesday: An X Rated “Happy Rooster”

Here’s a hilarious vintage crate label for the “Gay Cock” brand of fruit. You read that right.

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WTF Wednesday: Babies and Guns in Bed, Oh My!

Scary Vintage Gun Ad for Iver Johnson Revolvers

An early 1900’s vintage gun ad featuring a child playing with a gun. I kid you not.

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WTF Wednesday: I’m a-Huntin’ MEN

Vintage 1908 Leap Year Postcard "The End of the Chase"

Here’s a funny leap year postcard of a family (literally) hunting down a groom for their daughter.

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WTF Wednesday: Advertising Before Focus Groups

A funny vintage personal hygiene product from 1931 that would *never* make it onto the shelves in 2012.

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WTF Wednesday: A 70’s Fashion Train Wreck

I don’t normally swear online, but #$&*#! A guy wearing a handmade yellow orange sweater and… *this?*

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WTF Wednesday: Happy Racist Birthday!

Here’s a startlingly racist Black Americana birthday card from the mid 1940’s.

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WTF Wednesday: Asbestos in your Oven! Yay!

A 1903 ad for an asbestos product for home use – scary but true!

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WTF Wednesday: Does This Dress Make My Butt Look Big?

A new series of weird vintage photos, ads, greeting cards and fashion designs that I just can’t keep to myself anymore. 🙂

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