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Gorgeous Vintage Peacock Woodcut Art from the Late 1800’s

Beautiful black and white antique illustration of a peacock in a formal garden.

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Love Birds Doodle from an Early 1900’s Magazine

Lovely Doodle of Love Birds from an Early 1900's Magazine

A cute vintage doodle of two love birds sitting on a branch.

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Vintage Image of a Chicken

Here’s a beautiful black and white vintage image of a chicken (or hen or rooster – not sure which!).

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Antique Horse Bridle and Tack Clip Art

Antique Horse Equestrian Bridle and Tack - Click for larger clip art image

A pretty black and white image of an antique horse with a decorative bridle and headpiece.

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Disgusting Halloween Insects Clip Art

Two gross Halloween clip art images of cockroaches and a tarantula. YUCK.

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Late 1800’s Trade Card with a Woman in a Yellow Dress

Here’s a beautiful woman in a rather risque-for-the-era yellow dress on a Victorian trade card advertising shoes.

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Vintage “Back to School” Victorian Trade Card Ad

A late 1800’s trade card featuring school children advertising a New York emporium store.

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Beautiful Vintage Olympics Commemorative Stamp Art

Olympics Men's Gymnastics Commemorative Stamp from the 1976 Montreal Games - Click for larger print image

Four more beautiful vintage Olympics international postage stamps to print.

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Vintage Munich 1972 Olympics Postage Stamps from Equatorial Guinea

A set of three colorful stamps from the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany.

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Vintage Summer Olympics Postage Stamp Art

Here is a set of 4 vintage Olympics foreign postage stamps from 3 different 1960s Summer Games.

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