Nature Images

Vintage Spring Flower Illustration from an Early 1900’s Garden Catalog

Vintage Burpee Seed Catalog Fringed Phlox Flower - Click for larger printable clip art

An engraving of ‘New Fringed Phlox’ flowers from an early 1900’s Burpee Seed and Garden catalog.

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Vintage Flowers and Butterfly Engraved Illustration

A beautiful vintage wood cut engraving of flowers and a butterfly.

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Victorian Poppy Flower Bouquet Clip Art

Here’s a beautiful bouquet of poppy flowers that came from a late 1800’s scrapbook.

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Beautiful Free High Res 1800’s Birds Nest Art

A gorgeous 1800s birds nest illustration from an antique book plate, with a free high resolution version to download.

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Vintage Spring Flowers Botanical Clip Art

Here’s a beautiful vintage botanical print of two spring tulips – and welcome to 25 days of new vintage spring images!

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Vintage Bird Houses Clip Art

Vintage Clip Art of Handmade Spring Birdhouses

Here’s a sweet vintage nature diagram of 6 different spring birdhouses to make.

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Beautiful Vintage Bird Drawing from an Antique Children’s Book

Here’s a gorgeous old fashioned ink drawing of a bird perched on a finger.

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Vintage Picture of a Pink Rose

A beautiful French vintage color plate of a pink rose.

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Vintage Red Rose Botanical Print

A lovely printable image of a vintage botanical red rose.

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Vintage Butterfly Postage Stamp Art from the Mid 1970’s

Vintage Postage Stamp Art - 1977 Butterfly Issue Dogface

Four 1977 Butterfly Issue vintage postage stamps to print or download.

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