Nature Images

Vintage Botanical Print of Oranges & an Orange Tree

A lovely early 1900’s color encyclopedia book plate of the Orange fruit and tree.

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Antique Dragonfly Art to Print

Vintage Black and White Dragonfly Illustration - Click for larger printable clip art

Here is a pretty shabby chic illustration of a vintage dragonfly from a 1912 encyclopedia.

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Four Beautiful Free Vintage Seashell Illustrations

Here is a set of four wonderful beachy – nautical inspired vintage sea shell drawings.

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Stunning Butterfly Illustration from a 1930’s Magazine Cover

Here’s an absolutely gorgeous illustration of flowers and butterflies by Tommi Parzinger.

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Vintage Fishing Lures and Hooks Clip Art from the Late 1800’s

Vintage Fishing Lures and Hooks Clip Art - Click for larger image

Here’s a cool set of vintage fishing clip art featuring lures and hooks from a late 1800’s mail order catalog.

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Vintage Beach Art “Paper Nautilus” Octopus Drawing

Vintage Beach Art Nautilus Drawing - Click for larger printable artwork

Here’s a beautiful drawing of the Paper Nautilus Octopus from a 1912 encyclopedia.

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Vintage Poppy Black and White Clip Art

Here’s a lovely engraving of poppy flowers from an early 1900’s vintage Burpee seed catalog.

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Vintage Burpee Snapdragon Flowers Clip Art

Here’s a pretty illustration of a snapdragon flower from an early 1900’s Burpee seed catalog.

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Vintage Garden Photograph – And Why Vintage Gardening Means So Much to Me

A beautiful vintage garden photo from a 1917 seed catalog – included is the original hand-tinted version plus a sepia toned version.

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Vintage Yellow Pink and Red Roses 1928 Nature Magazine Cover

A beautiful vintage Nature Magazine cover featuring lovely hand painted roses.

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