Printable Vintage Ink Drawing of a Beautiful Christmas Tree

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Vintage Christmas Pictures

Welcome to Day 11 of 25 Days of Vintage Christmas Pictures!

(Wait, you say – isn’t today December 12th? Why yes it is! See, I jinxed myself on Saturday talking about how I’ve been having a hard time blogging on the weekends. So technically, today is Day 11 AND Day 12! Double the fun!)

Vintage Christmas Tree Drawing

Vintage Christmas Tree Drawing - Click for larger printable image

I really, really love this Vintage Christmas picture – I’m not sure if it is technically a ‘Partridge in a Pear Tree”, but it’s probably more of a simple but beautiful Christmas tree with a few ornaments and candles on it. I think out of all the images in this series, this drawing is the ‘craftiest’, meaning there are just so many crafts with which this picture would be perfect to use. Here’s a great tutorial on how to transfer a photo to fabric – the possibilities are pretty much endless after that!


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