Printable Vintage Christmas Ad from 1912 for Jell-o Gelatin

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Vintage Christmas Pictures

Welcome to Day 19 of 25 Days of Vintage Christmas Pictures!

I’m trying to keep things interesting around here, so I’ve added a new image to my Christmas picture series that is a little different than the others. Here’s a pretty darn adorable vintage Jello ad from a 1912 McCall’s magazine. Yet, if you look closely, there is a dead turkey sitting there in her shopping basket! I am sometimes SO surprised by what was normal and acceptable in old advertising images – I have quite a few non-Christmas related doozies to share with you after the holidays… 😉 I’m not a vegetarian, so I have no issues with dead turkeys – it just seems so odd that it was normal to just go out and buy a full, unprepared turkey carcass at your local grocer!

Vintage Jello Christmas Ad from 1912

Vintage Jello Christmas Ad from 1912 - Click for printable version

For a much tamer vintage Christmas ad, check out the Ivory Soap ad from Day 1 of this series!


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