Printable Edwardian Happy Birthday Greetings Postcard

Vintage Victorian Heartiest Birthday Greetings Card

Vintage "Heartiest Birthday Greetings" Card - Click for large printable version

Last fall when I got my hands on an incredible early 1900’s postcard scrapbook, I felt like I’d hit the jackpot. This vintage birthday postcard is one of the prettiest of all the birthday postcards in the entire album. It was postmarked and sent on September 18, 1912 from the Chicago, IL Englewood Station to a young Miss Maggie Fortman by her cousin Mary. I get such a kick out of how these old postcards were addressed. The entire home address area only says, “Miss Maggie Fortman, Wheaton, IL”. No street, no house number, no zip code, no nothing! It’s kind of hard to conceive of a time when that was all you needed to find a person in 1912!


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