Vintage Thanksgiving Digital Art Elements – JPGs and Layered PSD Files by vintagefangirl

Here's a collection of 6 high-resolution, full color vintage Thanksgiving illustrations. They are taken from my personal collection of vintage cards and postcards from the early 1900's. Each image has been converted to a digital file, color corrected, and "cut out" so that they are on a transparent background (in the PSD file). The images are ALSO delivered as 6 individual files for versatility and for those who do not own Adobe Photoshop.

These images can be used as part of your own digital layouts, or can be printed to use in collage, scrapbooking, or other paper crafts. They include: fall leaves framed around a harvest farm scene, a fruit basket, a framed image of pilgrims landing at the shore, a framed turkey picture, a large illustration of pilgrims and Native American children dancing around a pumpkin, and a whimsical drawing of an Indian child riding on top of a turkey.

Product comes as 7 files total:

— A high-resolution layered Photoshop PSD file at 21" wide and 300 DPI

— PLUS — Each individual image as a JPG on a white background

As a former professional graphic designer, I try to provide the highest quality images in the most useful file formats possible. They are provided in RGB mode to retain as much of the original color as possible.

These are LARGE FILES, so please be sure you have a good high speed internet connection to download the final product! They will be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase (usually much less time!). Watermarks will not appear on the final artwork.

Usage Guidelines

You Can:

Print these images onto paper or any other physical item and sell any physical product you make with them – as long as you are a small business and the amount of items produced is less than a quantity of 5000.

Print these images and sell the physical prints in an offline “brick and mortar” store, craft show, flea market, or other place where you conduct business in person with your customers.

Print these images for personal use for pretty much any reason!

Use these images on your blog, online shop, website, logo, or business materials, provided you are using them as part of a design, and are not intended for redistribution.

You Cannot:

Use these images for commercial purposes outside of the scope outlined above.

Sell any digital copies of these images, in whole or in part.

Share these images with your family or friends in a digital format in such a way that they can avoid buying their own copy of the images.

If you are unsure if your usage is covered under these terms, please just ask! I’m quite generous and reasonable, for the most part. 🙂

Even though these images originated as public-domain art, they have been significantly altered so that they are now © Copyright / Wendy Piersall.


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