Gorgeous Late 1800’s Worcester Corset Company Advertising Art

For many reasons I shall not bore you with here, it has been a very, very, very, very, very long time since I’ve added any new free vintage images for you to use in your art and craft projects. Sorry ’bout that. I hope I can get better about it (especially because I have thousands of dollars worth of vintage ephemera in my office still waiting to be used!).

This lovely young lady comes from my Victorian trade card collection. She promoted corsets for the Worcester Corset Company. The other cards in the scrapbook I found her in were dated in the late 1880’s. It’s amazing to me to think that these old scrapbooks held up so well for about 130 years. Especially because ‘acid free’ paper and glue weren’t exactly a thing back then. Some of my scrapbooks are indeed crumbling, but this particular card is in fantastic condition.

And isn’t she beautiful?? I love the art from the late 1800’s. Women were drawn in such a scrumptious way – always voluptuous, natural, and sexy-but-innocent. Such a far cry to the way women are portrayed in advertising today. But I suppose a corset ad was somewhat risque for the times back then – considering showing off one’s shoulders or knees was pretty much scandalous (HA!).

Vintage Women's Lingerie Ad from the WCC Corset Company

Vintage Women's Lingerie Ad from the WCC Corset Company


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