Exquisite Victorian Trade Card from the 1884 New Orleans World Fair

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I recently paid too much money for bought a Victorian era scrapbook with some of the prettiest trade cards and vintage ephemera that I’ve seen in a long time. The entire thing has well over 300 pieces of antique advertising and scrap artwork – but it was this particular piece of World’s Fair advertising that sent me over the edge to buy it:

Antique 1884 World's Fair Trade Card for Ricksecker Perfumes

Antique 1884 World's Fair Trade Card for Ricksecker Perfumes - Click for printable picture

Since today is Fat Tuesday, I figured it would be the perfect day to celebrate the history of New Orleans! This trade card is from the de l’exposition de New Orleans, otherwise known as the 1884 New Orleans World’s Fair. On the back, the card advertises Ricksecker’s Perfumes in both English and French. Ricksecker’s was founded by Theodore Ricksecker in 1868 and is credited with being the first American to establish a perfumery. His perfume bottles are highly collectible and can be worth quite a bit of money because they were so beautiful and ornate. And after doing a little research for this post, I found that this trade card is worth about $80… so I guess maybe I didn’t pay too much for that scrapbook after all. 🙂


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