Early 1900’s Christmas Card with Children Sledding

Vintage Christmas Pictures

Welcome to Day 12 of 25 Days of Vintage Christmas Pictures!

This sweet Christmas card scene comes from a card in my personal collection and it hails from around 1910. I’m fairly certain it is a chromoxylograph, which is an early color printing process developed by engraving each ink color of the image onto a separate printing plate. These images were hard to register (line up accurately) during the printing process, so many times the resulting print had lots of overlapping or out-of-line colors. You can see this best if you look closely at the green scarf the child on the far right is wearing.

Vintage Christmas Card - Scene of Children Sledding

Vintage Christmas Card - Scene of Children Sledding - Click for larger printable image

The short poem that was originally printed in the sky area said:

Just a simple greeting

But it’s laden down with cheer

For a good old – fashioned Christmas

And a mighty glad New Year


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