Colorful Printable Vintage Rose Syrup Bottle Label

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I get my vintage ephemera from such a wide variety of sources and places that it is sometimes very difficult to know the history behind the images I feature on this site. Usually a little bit of googling does the trick – but not in this case. The Keana Co., who made this rose flavoured syrup, seems to have been wiped off the face of the earth. I photoshopped this image a bit to take out some distracting text  (like the size of the bottle, company address, etc). Even if I try to look up info on this company based on their former address in London, I still come up with nothing. This always leaves me a little suspicious – did I buy a bad reproduction vintage label? Did I buy a fake label of an item that never existed? I guess I’ll never know. I have seen this gorgeous rose bottle label on other sites (including Zazzle), so I’m clearly not the only one that thinks this image is old. No matter what, it is indeed beautiful. 🙂

Printable Vintage Rose Syrup Bottle Label - Click for printable image

Printable Vintage Rose Syrup Beverage Bottle Label - Click for printable image

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