Beautiful Vintage Bird Drawing from an Antique Children’s Book

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I always feel a little liberated when I finish up one of my vintage holiday pictures series – I can finally post whatever I want rather than hunting down another themed image! I’ve been holding onto this illustration for a little while, and now that spring is on my mind, it’s perfect timing to share it with you. This would look incredible decoupaged onto an old white plate, or iron-on-transferred to fabric for a decorative pillow.

Vintage Illustration of a Bird Perched on a Finger
Vintage Illustration of a Bird Perched on a Finger – Click for printable picture

Technically, this is two images in one – the original illustration came from a children’s book so old that there is no date or copyright in it at all. By the looks of it it’s well over 100 years old, and could be from the late 1800’s. The original bird in the drawing was scribbled and hard to see – so I swapped her out with a bird drawing from one of my old Nature magazines.  The end result is so pretty – don’t you think?

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