Beautiful Painting of a Woman from a Vintage 1919 Shampoo Advertisement

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Today’s image is from a 1919 issue of the Delineator Magazine – it is a lovely watercolor painting of a woman brushing her long, red hair in the mirror. It’s from an ad for “Watkins Mulsified Cocoanut (sic) Oil for Shampooing”. It was painted by Will Grefe, who was a prolific illustrator and commercial artist that lived from 1875-1957. Supposedly his model for the Watkins ads (he had several) was his wife Margaret Moore. Gorgeous, wasn’t she??

Vintage Watkins Shampoo Ad from 1919

Vintage Watkins Shampoo Ad from 1919 - Click for printable artwork

Back in 1919, by the way, this was considered “scantily clad”. Heh. Wow.


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