1911 Red & Aqua Dresses Vintage Fashion Plate

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I really, really love vintage fashion plates. They are usually created and printed so well, and often exceed the quality of the books or magazines they are found in. This particular plate comes from a January 1911 edition of The Delineator, a lovely fashion magazine that is one of my favorite publications to collect. These two smart, well dressed women would totally be at home on the Titanic, which was being built as this issue was released. The red suit dress seems quite beautiful yet conservative, but I adore the other outfit with the aqua dress and fur-lined coat. And the hats!! OMG!

If it weren’t for that whole women-don’t-have-the-right-to-vote thing I’d totally say I was born in the wrong era. 🙂

Pretty Vintage Fashion Plate - Red & Aqua Dresses

Pretty Vintage Fashion Plate - Red & Aqua Dresses - Click for printable picture


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