17th & 18th Century Nautical Boat Lanterns Illustrated Print

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One of my favorite vintage books I own is called The Book of Old Ships by Henry B. Culver and Gordon Grant. You may have noticed by now I have a nautical fetish – this book is kind of like crack for me. It is filled with illustrations of boats from 1600 B.C. to the time the book was published in the 1920’s. I’ve been waiting until summer hits to start showing you more of the gorgeous illustrations and color plates from this book, but today I couldn’t resist posting one of my favorite images of Typical Stern Lanterns – English Dutch and French from the 17th and 18th Centuries. Honestly, I wish I had the means to make this into one of those large wall decals, because I’d plaster this all over one of the rooms in my house. Or maybe all of them. I could pretend my house is a beach cottage – sans beach! 😉

Antique Nautical Boat Lanterns - Click for larger print image

Antique Nautical Boat Lanterns - Click for larger print image


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