Vintage World War 2 Themed Valentine’s Day Card

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Welcome to day 12 of 25 Days of Vintage Valentines!

Today’s vintage valentine is both cute and a little somber & nostalgic. The card was dated in my scrapbook from Valentine’s Day in 1945 – meaning this card was received less than 6 months from the end of World War II:

WWII 1945 Vintage Valentine Card

WWII 1945 Vintage Valentine Card - Click for card to print

It seems a little strange to see a war-themed child’s valentine, but war was a part of every person’s life back then. It’s not like today when conflicts are almost completely removed from our every day lives. Food, supplies, and metals were in short supply and rationed to families. Women went to work in traditionally male dominated jobs (Yay for Rosie!!). So kids had a much more intimate knowledge of war and it’s effectsback then than our kids do today. My grandfather fought in WWII, so this valentine makes me a little proud. My dad was not even 2 years old, but my aunt just might have given or received this vintage war themed valentine – how cool is that?


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