Vintage Red Riding Hood Paper Doll Printable

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Hallmark Dolls - Red Riding Hood

Hallmark Dolls - Red Riding Hood -- Click for printable version

Last week I scored an insanely adorable Hallmark Dolls collector’s album of fairy tale paper dolls. Inside were 11 of these doll cards, with room for 5 more to make a full collection of 16 dolls “From the Land of Make Believe”. I had never seen these before, and I was instantly in love! Each card I got is in fantastic condition – they have been kept in this album pretty much since they were placed there. The series was started by Hallmark in 1948. There is also a second paper doll card series just like these called “Hallmark Dolls of the Nations”. I’ve seen a few of these on Ebay and Etsy – they are just as precious as the ones I purchased.

I have to say I think Red Riding Hood is my favorite in the book – which is why I’m posting her first. I have a ‘thing’ for vintage Red Riding Hood items. Yes, that’s a real red feather on her head. All the cards in the series have a feather – in fact most of the cards I found for sale have lost their feathers over the years. I guess I’m extra lucky!


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