Vintage Clip Art Picture of an Ostrich Feather Fan

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Remember me telling you the other day about that amazing French magazine I bought with all the gorgeous vintage color plates? Well, this absolutely gorgeous ostrich feather fan is one of the first of many hand fan pictures to come from this publication. These fan images are one of the main reasons I bought the 1939 magazine in the first place. Since it’s all written in French (duh.), I don’t know a ton about the content in general. Online translators are pretty useless, especially when it comes to older wording that isn’t common in today’s spoken languages. But I do know this fan was part of a feature article on collecting antique French hand fans, and I think this particular feather fan is from 1890.

Vintage Clip Art - Ostrich Feather Fan

Vintage Clip Art - Ostrich Feather Fan - Click for full page printable image

I have more vintage color fashion plates to print right here!

By the way, this fan is part of a high res collection of 10 French vintage images of fans in my Etsy shop. Check out the preview! 🙂

Vintage Digital French Ephemera
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