Turn of the Century Cuba Steamship Cruise Ad

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My personal collection of vintage travel ads is somewhat sparse, which is unfortunate because they can be exceedingly beautiful! Actually, most of them are exceedingly beautiful – even the really old, plain, black and white ones. This ad for Munson Line Steamships ‘weekly sailings’ to Cuba comes from a December 1899 issue of “New England Magazine”. By the way, for those of you who love vintage ads, this magazine is a GREAT source of them (several of the images in my vintage ad clip art collection come from New England Magazine).

Unless you are quite, um, “seasoned” ;), you probably don’t remember a time in your life when you would see an ad for anything Cuban at all. The U.S. Cuban embargo started in the late 1950’s and has had travel restrictions in place since 1962. Only last year were some of these restrictions lifted.

Vintage Cuban Travel Ad from Munson Line Steamships

Vintage Cuban Travel Ad from Munson Line Steamships - Click for printable art


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