vintage fashion printables

Beautiful Vintage 1920’s Halloween Party Dress Costumes


Here’s an illustration of three gorgeous and elegant 1920’s Halloween party costumes.

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Early 1900s Vintage Vogue Magazine Fashion Sketches


Two beautiful art sketches from a 1917 issue of Vogue fashion magazine.

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Wedding Dress Fashion Plate from 1906


A lovely Edwardian era wedding dress featured in a 1906 issue of New Idea Woman’s Magazine.

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Early 1900’s Summer Dresses Fashion Magazine Illustration


A lovely set of four dresses from a summer 1917 McCall’s magazine illustration.

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1911 Red & Aqua Dresses Vintage Fashion Plate


A beautiful color fashion plate from 1911 of two women wearing a red suit and aqua dress with a fur coat.

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Beautiful 1900’s Vintage Women’s Corset Ad Artwork


Here’s a lovely illustrated 1906 advertisement for W. B. Nuform Corsets.

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Vintage Costume Mask and Fans Photo Clip Art


A pretty image of antique feathered hand fans and a sequin and lace costume mask – perfect for Mardi Gras!

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1914 Vintage Fashion Plate to Print


Three Titanic-era dresses in a printable color fashion plate from a 1914 issue of McCall’s Magazine.

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1919 Winter Fashion Plate Printable from the Delineator


Here’s a printable winter fashion plate from the old magazine “Delineator.”

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